Excellence and sustainability

The Vintner’s Association of Panzano was born in 1995.

The vintners belonging to the Association of Panzano choose to focus on excellence, sustainability and friendship.

In Panzano, the group gathers to discuss different factors for winegrowing: the soils’ character and how they establish different morphologies in a small area, the microclimate, and – last but not least – the human factor, a variable element that influences the uniqueness of a wine and its quality.

“Union” is a key word for the wine producers of Panzano: it is not just a simple agreement among the vintners, but instead it expresses the desire to share common ground while respecting their own identities and philosophies.

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A small world within the heart of Chianti

On the border between the Provinces of Florence and Siena, as a last bastion in the Florentine territory, there is the little town of Panzano in Chianti with about 1200 inhabitants. For centuries Panzano determines the natural passage from the Greve Valley to the Sienese territory with the river Pesa claiming the boundary between the two historic and important territories.

At the upper part of Panzano there two landmarks of the little town: the Santa Maria church and the Castle. From there the views are breathtaking and you are catapulted directly into history.

Walking down a narrow street from the Castle towards the lower part of the town, you experience the scents and atmosphere of a little hamlet in the countryside where everything seems to be forever linked to the story of the Chianti area.

At the lower part of the small town, the square, Piazza Bucciarelli, called “Campana” by the inhabitants of Panzano because it has a shape reminiscent of a “campana”, or bell. With a fountain in the center it is the perfect place to discover Panzano,  to visit its shops, its artisans and the local gastronomy. In September this square is filled with voices, sounds and excellent wines for the annual wine festival Vino al Vino.

Panzano is surrounded by an infinity of hills and colors. The side descending towards the Sienese area is known as “Conca d´Oro”, the golden shell. The name results from the golden wheat that in past centuries sparkled in the sun. All of the wineries of the Vintner`s Association cultivate vineyards and olive groves on the hills of Panzano following organic methods.

Anything else? To be discovered visiting Panzano.

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Panzano: a model for bioterritoriality

The Vintner’s Association of Panzano was founded in 1995 by a very diverse group of people who chose to follow organic viticulture in Panzano in Chianti with awareness and with the aim to enhance the land. Initially, this choice was taken by a few, but over the years it was shared by others and today organic viticulture characterizes and distinguishes nearly the entire area planted with vines in Panzano.

Today the group’s work is coordinated by a specific project which aims to realize the first large wine district completely cultivated following organic methods. A challenging and courageous aim, but crucial for making an important impact in improving environment conditions.

Since 2005 the Vintners’ Union of Panzano collaborates with the agronomist Ruggero Mazzilli, who coordinates the work in the territory.  And in 2008, with the help from prestigious research institutes, the Stazione Sperimentale per la Viticoltura Spevis (Sperimental Station for Viticulture Spevis) was born out of this collaboration.

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