The history of Panzanello commences long ago in 1427. That year was also the beginning of a continuous research of improvement. The technique used for teaching the soil to “improve itself” was introduced in 1436 by Franciesco Ciucci d’ Ugolino who had the ingenious idea to select the grapes using the seeds of the best grapes to cause that the soil continued to give better and better fruits.

In 1964 the property Panzanello was purchased by Andrea’s grandmother Anna Maria Sommaruga. She decided to spend six months of the year at her country home. Panzano in Chianti, a small village of farmers devoted to the vineyards, olive groves without intense contact to the surrounding world, was the location to relax. Panzanello had a much smaller, but beautiful house. The current villa is the result of the transformation of a big country house which was composed by the stable in the lower part, the residence of the big farmers family in the middle part, further the granary in the upper part.  The grandmother decided to transform it to the current shape in order to welcome her children and grandchildren teaching the future generations what “family” means.

In 1965 the works at the house were finished and the vineyards around have been looked after by dear Luigi and his wife Maria. The grapes were delivered to the wine cooperative “Grevepesa” and the olive oil was sufficient for the needs of the grandmother and her children. Panzanello by that time owned 30 hectars, today it is an estate with about 120 hectars.

Here Andrea fell in love with the vineyards and in 1993 – he had no intention to work as an accountant in Rome – he asked his grandmother whether he may move to Panzanello in order to understand whether his future could be there. She accepted his request and this is how his adventure as a wine maker began in 1994.

Since the beginning, Andrea Sommaruga continued “teaching” his vineyards as Franciesco Ciucci D’Ugolino did it already in 1436. He selected continuously the best grapes, in order to produce, year after year, wines of quality. To everyone who drinks the Panzanello wines is given the opportunity to feel the passion enclosed in this work and to go on a journey in the past.

Andrea worked hard in the fields learning from Luigi and his son in law Vasco. They have taught him to know the vines, how to trim and tie them, all about the harvest, how to trim and how to remove suckers from the olive trees, to drive the tractor. All what he knows today, he learned it thanks to them. He did his first bottling in 1995 and the first try succeeded well. He started with 900 bottles and now the estate Panzanello produces more than 50.000 every year.

In 1997 Andrea marries Ioletta. She quit her work as an architect and moves from Rome to Panzanello, where she starts to follow her husband´s work. Anyhow, she is most fascinated by the guests from all over the world who join them in order to taste their wines. Today she is responsible for the PR and the Agriturismo at Panzanello.

During the years, Andrea and his staff have refined each single step during the vinification process so that the wines may satisfy and conquer also the experts among his clients. Anyhow, his most severe client is himself and this is why Andrea has invested all his energy in order to assure that each bottle may transmit its uniqueness.

Andrea thinks that there are two secrets for a success with wines:

The first is patience…. Patience to wait the maturation for a product of QUALITY.

The second secret is respect… Respect for the nature. The estate became organic in 1998.

The rest of the story will tell you the sons of Andrea and Ioletta, Giorgio and Carlo!

Who would like to taste the Tuscan atmosphere and savor the Chianti Classico wines, should come and visit Panzanello. Our aim is to transmit the passion and the pleasure to drink a glass of good wine to all who come and visit us. Panzanello has a special history. Since 1427 it produces wines and since ever everyone who works the own soil, dedicates himself to respect the tradition which was perpetrated for centuries from the inhabitants of the estate: the respect for the vineyards, the selection of the best grapes and the research of quality in each single bottle and the production of organic wine.

At Panzanello there is a tasting room with panoramic terrace and also a spacious room inside the cellar where our guests can taste the wines produced from our vineyards and the olive oil from our olive groves. We offer several typologies of tastings.



Direct selling, tastings, visits with appointment, Agriturismo.

The tasting room is open every day from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.


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