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Finest quality wines respectful of their land

The Panzano in Chianti Winemakers Association is an association founded in 1995 during the first edition of the “Vino al Vino” festival and then it became stronger and stronger over the years and today it is the first wine organic-district of Italy. The awareness among the producers of the Association is therefore a “collective experience” that arises from the common request to safeguard their environment – life environment and work environment – by adopting environmentally friendly solutions that can give complete satisfaction even to the demand for healthy products expressed by consumers.

The starting point for the Association is the pride for their land that has always accompanied the history of Panzano in Chianti, a “world apart” in the heterogeneity of that strip of land that joins Florence and Siena, called Chianti Classico. “A part” because it has always been characterized by the uniqueness of its territory, a hilly plateau rich in galestro soil and a unique microclimate made of light, heat, accentuated temperature range, significant altitude of the vineyards, between 350 and 500 meters above sea level. In this area the winemakers of the Association committed to make a choice of excellence and sustainability.

The Union is actually a very heterogeneous group, almost a small United Nation of the wine as to nationality, cultural background, previous work experiences. But all of them live their company as their home because they work here, they live here, they raise their children here.

The Organic Choice

A lifestyle choice that leaves marks on both the strictly private level and on the production. It is intuitive that everybody wants to breathe fresh, clean air especially when living in the countryside. And it is almost equally intuitive that the productive vocation of a territory must not be altered by an aggressive type of viticulture, which disrupts the magic link between the plant and its environment.
And so to ensure for themselves a healthy environment the wine makers decided to take the path of sustainable and organic viticulture, which allowed to enhance aromas, flavors, character and personality of the wines, produced exclusively from grapes of their vinyards.

These are the words of Ruggero Mazzilli, an agronomist with long experience in viticulture biodiversity, who has been woking since 2000 with the Panzano Association. He helps coordinating the work on the territory, identifing the critical issues through continuous monitoring in the vineyard; he evaluates the information transmitted by the control units and he provides the interpretation; in his experimental vineyard he tests efficacy of new natural products, and he alerts when a critical moment is approaching. The wine makers is continously at work in supervising the vineyard row by row.  Organic viticulture needs a conscious agronomic management based on ongoing observation of the plant and its phenological rhythms.

Today Panzano is the first organic district for wine production in Italy and 90% of its vineyards are grown according to the criteria of organic viticulture.
Association is a key word for the producers of Panzano: it is not a simple agreement between growers but expresses the will of sharing a common path while respecting the identity that each company gives to its products, giving their personal contribution to a collective experience. More ambitious targets? Disclose as much as possible their own experience, being an example in the wine world, and more. Because after all we are what we eat. And what we drink.